Exploring the World with Lodestar Tours: Understanding Our Group Sizes

When it comes to crafting unforgettable travel experiences, here at Lodestar Luxury Travel, we understand that the size of your travel group can significantly impact the quality of your experience.

That’s why we’ve designed our tours to cater to a select range of group sizes, ensuring a personalized and informal journey, whether you’re adventuring solo or as part of a small group.

In essence, there is no “average” group size for a Lodestar tour.

Our definition of a “group” is broad and inclusive, ranging from solo travelers seeking a private experience to small groups of friends or family.

Typically, our groups are composed of no more than 10 to 12 individuals. This is a deliberate choice on our part and is rooted in our commitment to providing an immersive, engaging, and customized travel experience for each of our guests.

Solo Travel Adventures:

For solo travelers, a Lodestar tour offers the unique advantage of enjoying a tailored experience that meets your specific interests and pace … without the need to conform to the dynamics of a larger group. It’s an ideal scenario for those who cherish independence and flexibility in their travels.

Intimate Group Experiences:

For those traveling with family or friends, keeping your group size to a maximum of 12 ensures that each traveler receives personal attention, from customized itinerary changes to individualized cultural insights from our knowledgeable guides.

This type of small group tour fosters a more enriching travel experience, allowing for deeper exploration and connection with the people of every destination.

Our approach to group sizes reflects our overarching philosophy: travel should be a personal journey, tailored to the individual’s or group’s preferences, interests, and pace.

By maintaining smaller group sizes, Lodestar Luxury Travel ensures that every tour is not just a trip but a deeply personal exploration of the world’s wonders, crafted with care and attention to every detail.