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Our name, Lodestar comes from the North Star, and reflects our mission to lead and inspire more people to explore the many different cultures found around the globe.

Lodestar Luxury Travel is an independent travel consultancy based in Santa Fe, NM.

We offer small group tours and private luxury-level travel for adventurous people to uncommon destinations...

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small group tours: private luxury-level travel for less

Our tours are ideal for solo travelers, couples or groups of 6+ people, yet they are priced as if you were part of a much larger group.

Lodestar Luxury Travel: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Small Group Tours

Discover the world like never before with Lodestar Luxury Travel’s exclusive small group travel tours.

Our small group sizes are your key to unlocking a deeper and more authentic cultural immersion, allowing you to explore the most secluded destinations up close.

With Lodestar Luxury Travel, you’re not just visiting; you’re truly discovering the heart and soul of each unique culture.

Experience the richness of each region with a level of intimacy and detail that only our specialized small group tours can provide you.

Our name, inspired by the guiding north star, reflects our mission to lead and inspire more people to explore the most far-flung and uncommon places around the world. 


Why Choose Us?

A Personal Touch:
As an American-based, travel consultancy, we pride ourselves on our close connections with each of our clients, ensuring that your travel desires are not just met but exceeded.

Private Small Group Tours:
Experience the world’s wonders in the intimacy of a small group, with tours meticulously designed for two, offering the luxury of a private journey at unbeatable prices.

Uncommon Destinations:
All of our tours invite you to explore off-the-beaten-track gems with the comfort of a local expert guide and sophistication of luxury travel.

Customizable Itineraries:
Travel your way. Our private tours are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor your adventure to your interests and travel dates.….

Our Luxury Tours

Travel to Caucasus: a transcontinental bridge between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, including Georgia and its neighboring countries.

Tour the mystical landscapes South Asia: Ladakh and the breathtaking Hunza Valley Region in South Asia.

Explore the Forgotten Empire: visit World Heritage sites and see the cultural treasures of ancient Iran.

Visit the enchanting islands of Indonesia: from Bali to Borneo, and beyond.….

Our Tour Advantages

Flexibility: Travel on your timetable, with no restrictions or group cancellations to worry about.

Affordable Travel: Our pricing model makes luxury travel more accessible for small  groups, even for solo adventurers.

Personalized Service: Enjoy the extra attention to detail and personal care that only an independent agency like ours can provide.

Are You Ready to Embark on an Adventure of a Lifetime?

We invite you to come explore the world with Lodestar Luxury Travel:

  • Whether you’re looking for new adventures,
  • Seeking to immerge yourself in the local culture,
  • Wanting to see the world history for yourself
  • Or you just want a place to relax and take in the wonders of nature

Our tours offer something special for every discerning traveler.

We invite you to call Steve at 828-279-5710 or click contact Lodestar Luxury Travel here and let us help guide you to your next unforgettable travel experience


The advantages of traveling with an independent travel consultancy:

Our tours are ideal for two to six people, yet they are priced as if you were part of a much larger group tour. Of course, larger groups can also travel with us for even greater savings.

Why Small Group Tours Might Be the Perfect Choice for You


You Can Travel Any Time You Decide To Go

As long as you leave enough time to receive your visa.


Great for Solo Travelers

People traveling alone find that our tours are more affordable than large group tours with similar itineraries.


No Group Cancellations

No tour will be canceled at the last moment due to a lack of participants. Our tours will depart even with one traveler.


Flexibility and Customization

These are NOT standard group tours. They do NOT leave on specific dates. Rather, you tell us when you want to go, how long you want to stay and whether you have any specific requirements or requests and we will arrange it.

Lodestar Luxury Travel is ready to help you book Your Adventure today